Molly Johnson-Jones | CEO & Co-Founder, Flexa

Molly Johnson-JonesMolly Johnson-Jones, is the CEO and co-founder of Flexa, a platform that enables people to discover companies with the best possible working environments.

After being sacked from investment banking because of asking to work from home one day per week to accommodate her autoimmune disease, Molly realised that the lack of transparency in the job-hunting process was problematic for both candidates and companies. So she and her partner, Maurice, started Flexa.

She’s closed two rounds of funding with Flexa and regularly speaks on gender inequality in the startup world and the perils of raising money. When she’s not thinking about how to make the future of work a possibility for all, Molly enjoys spending time with her dog, Gruff, cycling, swimming, cooking, and going to local pubs. She holds a first class Geography degree from Oxford university, which has not helped her at all in the real world.

Twitter: @molly_flexa