Muma Sinkala | Award-Winning Creative Alchemist

Muma SinkalaMuma is an award winning creative alchemist with many passions. Her background is banking, financial tech and social impact. Now adding to this list, a passion for art, Muma is redefining what it means to use all your passions for the highest good. One who believes in not limiting herself she thrives on exploring how best she can serve and create better opportunities for all. She was recently appointed the CEO of Krypia an African Fintech startup she is also building a luxury art platform that connects African artists to collectors around the world. Muma most enjoys using her skills to encourage women to continue taking up space. A graduate of TechUPWomen and member of several women in tech networks in Africa and the UK, she also hopes to use her skills and influence by merging social impact and emerging technology to make an even wider impact in the lives of others. She is a board member on two charities promoting the use of technology and business skills for disadvantaged women. You can connect with her page on Facebook SYTYCI-So you think you can’t inspire or via email at [email protected]