Naomi Masterson | Vice President, Global Technology Services, Northern Trust

Naomi Masterson

I have been with Northern Trust for twenty years and have a broad spectrum of experience across many various roles in Technology.

I started my career in application support and development.  This was a great place to start but with time, I realised that I was more interested in system and business analysis which opened many opportunities including project and programme management, management of client implementations, new product development – all enabled by Technology.   I am currently the Subject Matter Expert and Discovery Lead for Trade Transaction Services.

In parallel, I have always been actively engaged in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion promotion in our EMEA Technology organisation.

In terms of work ethic, my driving principle in all that I do is the try to foster an environment of mutual respect.  I firmly believe that all partners have an equally important role to meet collective success. This has stood to me throughout my career.  It is through this basic philosophy that I have gained people’s respect leading them to be motivated to collaborate and succeed. It’s a win win!

I am a certified Mental Health First Aider and also an LGBT Ally.  I am also a Mum to four children ranging from 15 to 6. My eldest son has autism spectrum disorder and I am actively involved in seeking and promoting opportunities for equity and inclusion for ASD kids and young adults across society.