Oriana Medlicott | Researcher, Writer and Consultant in AI Ethics

Oriana MedlicottOriana Medlicott is a researcher, writer and consultant in AI Ethics. Passionate about the future of technology, philosophy and art; she believes ethics should be a critical focal point in the design, development and deployment of new technologies. Oriana is part of the research team of the Z-Inspection project started by Roberto V. Zicari at Goethe University, sits on the advisory board for the AI Ethics Journal at the University of California and co-hosts a weekly podcast called Let’s Chat Ethics focused on the latest topics in AI.

Oriana graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a Masters in Philosophy, her thesis focused on the effects of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence on Human Nature. She is currently enrolled in CodeOp Data Analytics bootcamp to develop her technical skills.

Additionally, Oriana is the founder of Oriana Jane Gallery, an online art gallery aiming to represent artists and communities that are usually underrepresented in the art space.

Twitter: @orianajanem