Panel: Allies in tech: fostering gender equality and inclusion

The panel brings together a diverse group of industry leaders to explore the critical role of allies in fostering gender equity and inclusion within the tech industry. Through personal stories, insights, and practical strategies, the panellists will discuss the challenges faced by under-represented genders with intersectionality, the importance of allyship, and the actions individuals and organisations can take to create supportive environments. This panel aims to inspire attendees to become effective male allies and drive positive change in their workplaces.

During this discussion, the panellists will highlight the significance of allies in promoting gender equity and inclusion in the tech industry, share personal experiences and stories of how allies have made a difference in fostering supportive environments, discuss the barriers and challenges faced by underrepresented genders in the tech industry and offer practical strategies for individuals to become active allies and contribute to a more inclusive tech industry.

We will also discuss the need for those in more privileged positions to think about ways that they can open doors of opportunities for others.