Peter Daley | Managing Director, Accenture

Peter DaleyPeter is a Managing Director in Accenture’s Technology practice, with over 25 years’ experience working with innovative and emerging technologies in industries ranging from utilities and telecoms to entertainment and premiership football clubs.  He leads Accenture’s European Solution Architecture community, defining the technologies, approaches and methods that Accenture uses to build and run solutions for some of the world’s largest organisations.  Throughout his career, Peter has focused on solutions which enable and transform workforces through the use of technology, and is the executive sponsor for the Accent on Enablement programme, building an inclusive environment in Accenture Technology for people with disabilities.  This programme is committed to raising awareness and educating Accenture people about people with disabilities; ensuring that people with disabilities have access to exciting roles within the Technology business; and exploring how the technology solutions we use and build for our clients can improve the work and life of our disabled colleagues.

Twitter: @peter_daley