Philippe Tripodi | Co-Founder & COO, MainStreaming

Philippe TripodiPhilippe Tripodi is a tech entrepreneur with a real passion for the concept of responsible innovation, and how ethical values should be incorporated into technical innovations.

He has long argued that in terms of Energy Power Consumption, the current Internet model is not sustainable.

Every time we post a picture or a video on social media, the file is duplicated (cached) dozens of times, sometimes hundreds, on servers around the world, that stay on 24/24, consuming enormous amounts of energy non-stop.

Since almost 70% of the Internet traffic is video related, and since this percentage continues to grow year on year, Philippe felt the urgency to develop a sustainable video delivery technology capable, in the meantime, to ensure the best Video Quality of Experience to each end user. The 2 goals in fact have the same priority: the technology challenge to deliver a streaming quality of the same level of the satellite and digital terrestrial, together with a huge reduction of the energy consumption.

His last project as entrepreneur is MainStreaming: a totally new way to enable broadcasters, media and e-sports companies to deliver the best video experience to their audience.

Mainstreaming was co-founded with Antonio Corrado and Giovanni Proscia, and 3 investment funds: United Ventures, Indaco Venture Partners and Sony Innovation Fund.

Philippe is a counselor of the ULTRAHD Forum Italia and lead a tech group focused on the future of the media delivery online.

Before that, Philippe worked for Etnoteam (now NTTDATA Italy), Omnitel Pronto Italia (now Vodafone Italia)  and for Archebit, a company that founded in 2000 and sold in 2013.