Pushing boundaries and knowing limits, the art of using Generative AI

While it may seem like the “New Kid on the Block”, Generative AI has had its feet under the dinner table longer than you may realise.

First developed in the mid-20th century, it has already infiltrated our daily lives. From suggesting grammar improvements to chatbots to personalised product recommendations to image filters, Generative AI powers several of the applications we use every day.

The field has seen significant and exciting advancements in recent years, including text, image, video and audio generation, due the availability of large datasets, powerful computing resources and advancements in deep learning. We’ll explore some ways in which it can be leveraged to automate manual processes and streamline business operations, but with eyes wide open its limitations and potential concerns.

About the speaker

Mandy Bath, Lead Analytical Consultant, Merkle

Mandy BathMandy is a lead analytical consultant for Merkle, a Dentsu company, in their Advanced Analytics team. Merkle is a customer experience transformation consultancy that empowers brands to transform their data, technology and organisational capabilities to deliver personalised customer experiences across marketing, sales, commerce and service. After spending the first 18 years of her adult life as a forensic biologist, she was seduced into the exciting and expanding world of data science, achieved an MSc in Big Data and is now a subject matter expert in AI and machine learning, specifically deep learning and computer vision. She is a part of the Dentsu Game Changing Talent program and is nominated for a Rising Star award. Having retrained in a tech field at a relatively later stage in life, Mandy is an advocate for upskilling and continuing education and believes in harnessing the power of diversity and life skills to fuel innovation.