Rana Alqrenawi | Senior Product Manager at Hiring Hub and Founder & CEO, AspireHer

Rana AlqrenawiRana started her tech career as a backend developer in 2010 when she worked in different companies in the Middle East, such as ExaServe, Work Without Borders and Raz groups.

In 2015, Rana was nominated to establish the first tech team for Microsoft in Gaza as a product manager to recruit and lead a team of engineers to work on a Machine Learning Project for OCP in Morocco.

While improving her career path in tech, she believed she could do better by bringing international experience in tech, business, and leadership, which she did by joining several companies and programmes around Europe and the United States like Klarna and IVLP. She succeeded to establish the first women-only code club in Palestine in 2016 and the first code academy in 2017.

Her diverse experience in the Digital Technology sector, including founding startups and outsourcing agencies, allowed her to get rewarded the Tech Nation endorsement in 2018 as a Senior Software Engineer and Exceptional Talent to come to the UK and add to its tech ecosystem.

In the UK, by joining big teams like Zinc.VC, Tech Returners, and Hiring Hub, Rana is committed to enhancing the impact of social cultures, career development, and diversity and inclusion

Today, Rana is the Senior Product Manager at Hiring Hub, the Chapter Lead of Technovation Girls in the UK, and the Founder and CEO of AapireHer, a social enterprise that undertakes diversity and inclusion focusing on women in tech.