Rav Bumbra | Founder, Structur3dpeople & Cajigo

Rav Bumbra

Rav is a diversity champion creating opportunities for women in technology careers and  leadership.

She is founder of Structur3dpeople, a tech business that helps organisations attract, recruit and retain talent. She is also founder of Cajigo, an app that connects like-minded women and provides mentoring and support to women of all ages, building their confidence and knowledge so they can reach their highest potential.

Rav works closely with girls in education delivering Cajigo Schools, a programme developed to demystify what it means to be a “Woman in STEM” in the 21st century and is empowering more girls into STEM.

Before she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2016, Rav had spent over 20 years working as a consultant in the tech industry, delivering services and solutions to the NHS, retail, leisure and telecoms sectors.

Rav sits on the Women in Business Group in Bristol which promotes gender equality in business, through a city-wide Charter.

She also sits on the advisory board of Learning People, to develop new solutions that will help to reduce the skills gap.

Twitter: @RavBumbra