Safiyah Yasin | Tech Degree Apprentice, PwC

Safiyah YasinSafiyah is a Tech Degree Apprentice studying Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. She is currently undertaking her placement year within the PwC XR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) team and is predominantly working as a VR/AR Developer. Safiyah has a passion for technology and has experience coding in several languages including Java, C/C++/C#, Python, and Haskell, and is keen to use her technical skills to make a positive impact on society. She has a strong interest in artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics, particularly how they can be used to help provide tailored learning for individuals with special needs, or how they can be used to improve agriculture in order to alleviate poverty. In her free time, Safiyah works as an ambassador and mentors younger students from underrepresented backgrounds to encourage them to pursue higher education and provides support with their application and personal statement. She is a ColourBrave advocate and a member of the Women in Tech initiative at PwC, and actively participates in initiatives dedicated to encouraging women and BAME students to study STEM subjects through volunteering at talks and helping at events.