Sarah Rench | Senior Manager, EY

Sarah currently leads a global EY team to implement and deliver advanced analytics, robotics and AI systems for global financial services including banking, wealth management and insurance. Previously she worked for IPsoft leading a global team to deliver a cognitive virtual agent product, called Amelia, across various industries in EMEA and Latin America.

Sarah has now worked in the IT sector in various roles, from software engineering to management, with broad experience in mobile app development, CRM systems, CMS, virtual agents and big data technology. She is ‘technology agonistic’ enabling her to use whatever technology needed to ensure the best results and business value creation for her clients. She is currently studying a part-time Executive MBA at Cass Business School, focusing on Artificial Intelligence. Previously she studied Anthropology and African Studies followed by a Masters in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, demonstrating it’s never too late to get into STEM. She’s given a TedX on ‘Magic and the Machine: Cards Tricks, Artificial and Emotional Intelligence’ and presented at events like Girls in STEM, Thompson Reuters and the BBC’s: Diversity, Inclusion and Tech Trends.

Sarah is on the Board for a non-profit women in tech community, DevelopHer, that helps women in STEM through coaching, mentoring and coding events. She is the Executive Board Member for Cass Global Women’s Leaders Programme, which helps women get sponsorship to do MBAs and achieve their full potential. Also she is part of the EY Women in Technology Network which run ‘TechBootcamps’ for men and women at EY to get into coding. Through these various networks, Sarah helps facilitates events in diversity, inclusion and technology to enable networking, driving collaboration and positive changes in our society. Sarah was the winner of the TechWomen50 Award 2017.

In her spare time she is also an Apprentice at the Magic circle (Official Magician’s society), helps mentor men and women who want to get into coding and give startups and entrepreneurs IT and business coaching.