Sharon Vosmek | CEO, Astia

Sharon VosmekSharon Vosmek is the CEO of Astia, a global organization that works to level the investment playing field for startups that include women. Ms. Vosmek developed Astia’s creative, proven approach to investment – called the Astia Expert SiftTM – that eliminates bias in the investment screening process and contributes to the success of female entrepreneurs and their ventures. Well-regarded around the globe, Ms. Vosmek is known for her opinions, research and commentary on the importance of women leaders as integral to innovation and high-performing entrepreneurial teams. She has spoken at the United Nations and given lectures at numerous universities on the topic of building inclusive ecosystems.. She is a founding member of Astia Angels and Managing Director of the Astia Fund, both which invest in exceptional companies around the globe that include women founders and executives. She is an Advisory Board Member to two venture Funds E²JDJ Venture Fund and Illuminate Ventures and serves on the Boards of Ozo Innovations, Soapbox Labs, Pagedip, and On Second Thought. Her notable investments include nVision acquired by Boston Scientific, Modsy, Ellevest, Catch&Release, RenovoRx among others. Ms. Vosmek lives and works in San Francisco.

Twitter: @vosmek