Shilpa Shah | Director in the Public Sector, Human Centred Transformation Practice & Women in Technology Leader, Deloitte

Shilpa ShahShilpa Shah is a Director in the Public Sector, Human Centred Transformation practice at Deloitte focussing on delivering transformation in Health & Social Care. She is also the leader of the multi-award winning UK Deloitte Women in Technology network and Consulting Inclusion Think Tank at Deloitte and board member of the Institute of Coding’s Industry Advisory Board. Shilpa has over 24 years of experience in Management Consulting, working together with a range of clients, predominantly in the Public Sector, to solve their complex challenges through people centred, technology and data enabled business transformations.  Recognised as a role model within and outside of her organisation, Shilpa has long been passionate about increasing all forms of diversity in the world of work, especially in technology related roles. She loves mentoring and supporting others and inspiring others from all generations to get into or retrain into tech. Shilpa is also the co-author of the book: Women in Tech: A practical guide to increasing gender diversity inclusion.

Shilpa has two always-curious-about-the-world teenage daughters. She wants to see longer term changes in business and society and leave a legacy for her daughters and the next generation. She has been helping to create a more equal, diverse and inclusive technology skilled workforce to best solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Twitter: @ShilpaBShah