Tammi Reaburn | Senior Director & Engagement Lead in Tech Infrastructure, RBC

Tammi ReaburnTammi Reaburn is the Senior Director & Engagement Lead in Tech Infrastructure, leading the technology integration between City National Bank and RBC – the largest retail banking acquisition in RBC’s history! Tammi joined RBC in January 2018, after spending over 20 years at TD. For the first half of her career, she held progressively senior roles within various retail and call centre businesses prior to joining the Technology side of the organization. There, she found her niche in delivering large complex initiatives including integrations, enterprise rollouts, and cross-border initiatives.

Tammi has a passion for building strong teams who are delivery and outcome focused. Upon joining RBC, she led ~100 employees on the Personal Computing team for three years. In this role, she played an integral part of the enterprise-wide delivery of the Windows 10 upgrade. More recently, Tammi was responsible for the delivery of many critical initiatives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; she was recognized with the 2020 RBC Performance Convention award for these contributions.

In her spare time, Tammi is focused on always developing herself; she is completing her MBA through the Australian Institute of Business. She is an advocate for increasing the recruitment of females in technology, ending the stigma on mental health as well as recruiting and retaining new and top talent. When not at work, Tammi enjoys spending time with her daughter, her fur kids and giving back to the community through supporting small business at the largest Farmers’ Market in Canada.