Vicki Lau | Visual Effects (VFX) Artist/Generalist, Virtual Reality (VR) Developer, TEDx speaker, Entrepreneur & Educator

Vicki LauVicki Lau is a visual effects (VFX) artist/generalist, virtual reality (VR) developer, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, and educator from Singapore who broke into Hollywood as an outsider. She has worked with over 20 studios and filmmakers on major productions such as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (Season 4), “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Aquaman,” whilst working at mobile and VR early-stage startups in Silicon Valley and Beach.

Today, Vicki teaches over 80,000 students from over 180 countries VFX skills & career tips with the aim to democratize the knowledge and insights from within Hollywood VFX studios themselves, to the global masses. Her latest book (Why I Do VFX: The Untold Truths About Working in Visual Effects) on the truths of making and living a career in VFX is one of the first books of its kind in VFX publishing – a niche predominantly filled with books on software and technical skills.

Thus far, Vicki is the only known female VFX artist with this level of independently-amassed influence in the VFX education space.

Twitter: @Vickicup