Yota Trom, Coach, Speaker and Founder of Together in Tech

Yota Trom

Yota is a software engineer-turned-coach, and the founder of Together in tech, a tech community with over 6000 members.

She has worked in tech for over 15 years, leading teams at Amazon and Yahoo before getting her MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching. Her pioneering research and resultant publications explore the intersection of coaching and positive psychology. As a UN Women UK Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, Yota is a powerful advocate for gender diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Her mission to help people in tech unlock their inner confidence and become inspiring leaders has brought her to work with some of Europe’s biggest tech companies, including Sky, Booking.com, Delivery Hero, Amazon, and Google. Yota holds an advisory role to the board of UCL School of Management, contributing her expertise to further education and leadership development. In 2022 she was awarded with the Leading with Purpose Award from the Reframe Women in Tech Awards and in 2023 she was recognised as one of the 133 Women Who Changed the World by Diversein.com.