Hi I’m Prachi! I started my career with Tata Consultancy Services in India in 2006 as a graduate hire from National Institute of Technology India. I come from North India but was placed in the Southern city of Chennai in my first job, very far away from home where language, food, weather everything seemed foreign to me. I couldn’t learn the local Tamil language but I learnt programing languages(C++, PLSQL) in my first job. I later got a transfer to Mumbai where I joined J P Morgan as part of Application IT support team for their Private Banking business. I learnt new technologies such as CTRL-M, Autosys, Shell Scripting in my new role. After 2.5 years in JP I got a job offer from CreditSuisse, they were setting up their new IT CoE(center of excellence) in Mumbai for Cash Equities business and I was going to be their first hire. It seemed like a great opportunity as it was for a new department being setup in India for CS. I joined CS and worked with my then boss for hiring more staff and setup my whole team from scratch. My role in CS was of IT Support for Algo Trading business, it involved working directly with front office traders in London. I was based in Mumbai and business was based in London, so I faced many challenges due to our geographical differences. After 1.5 years I had already proved my mettle while working from Mumbai, so my boss offered me a permanent role in London. I immediately said “YES!”. He insisted on me checking with my family and come back on this, but I told him I’m saying a firm YES right now. I didn’t want to miss this chance in case he’s also looking to offer this to someone else who might say YES before me. It all worked out in the end, I came to beautiful but the cold and wet city of London. It was a different environment for me but I immediately fell in love with this Beauty. The Best thing about London is that I never felt like an outsider here as everyone I talked to had come from somewhere else. This city felt like a mini world to me. I found working in London so different from working in Mumbai. I was doing the same things but differently, more efficiently, working in the same team but my network grew significantly. I started working with trading desks, Compliance, COOs, Development and other support teams as I was the go-to IT support for about 20 traders across the globe. I worked in collaboration with teams in APAC, India and US to maintain a global service and also drive improvements to help the whole global team.