Prakriti Karthauser

I started my career in networks and infrastructure in 1997 quite by accident.

A friend had started a company providing dial up internet and was hiring. My first job was working overnights in the Network Operations Centre. I didn’t understand the job description but I very quickly learned the ropes and realised that I had a passion for all things networking.

Over the years, I’ve worked for a number of global internet service providers, equipment vendors and consulting groups. My passion and my career is architecting and designing large, complex networks. As a committed mentor, I actively work with new or junior members of staff to share knowledge and help.

In my previous role as Architect at Nationwide Building Society, I was the lead network architect for a number of key strategic network initiatives including their Corporate WAN transformation and Data Centre SDN transformation.
In addition, I also worked with a team of colleagues to create a STEM outreach programme within Nationwide that focuses on children ages 11-17. The programme includes hackathons and career education for teenagers helping them to make informed career choices and encourage them to understand what is available within technology.
As a STEM Ambassador, I am privileged to be able to go into schools be the role model that I wished I had.

I’ve just recently moved to Vodafone Group where I’m working as a UCC Domain Architect and I’m looking forward to bringing my unique perspective and passion to their products and service offerings.