Priya Guliani

Priya Guliani is the UK President for Government Blockchain Association (GBA), a global non-profit organisation focussed at promoting blockchain technology by empowering individuals and organisations to connect, communicate, and collaborate to solve public sector challenges.

GBA brings together governments around the world facilitating efficient, ethical & rational adoption of blockchain technology for powerful and meaningful innovations. GBA has 120 chapters worldwide, 50 working groups and 15K+ members. Priya is also leading the ‘Sustainable and Environmental Stewardship’ working group within GBA. The group mission is to help public and private organizations, both big and small, from start-ups to multinational corporations, create Sustainable, Attainable, and Maintainable solutions to combat climate change.

Priya is an impact entrepreneur empowering small and marginal seafood farmers embrace sustainable practices and innovative technology solutions for a prosperous and sustainable future. Her vision is to build a coherent and efficient value chain, enabling the aquaculture industry to realise its full potential and meet UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. She is also an advisor to an impact fund and start-ups.
Priya is a computer science engineer by education and is a MIT certified leadership professional and Oxford certified Blockchain expert. She has over 10+ years of technology consulting experience working with multiple industries and multi-cultural team across US, Europe, and Asia. She is passionate about inclusion, sustainability, and climate impact. She is an author and international speaker in innovative technology and sustainability space.