Priya Kanda

It all kicked off 3 years ago as I enrolled onto the Apprentice Project Management Scheme following the completion of my A Levels. It was the best decision I made.

During my time as an Apprentice Project Manager, I coordinated 15-20 projects at any one time. Each project required the engagement of different suppliers and project resources, an understanding of different scopes and requirements and each with different levels of complexity and expertise. I was able to successfully turn over 50 projects for my client in the healthcare sector, improving efficiency across the hospital and enabling the release of front-line staff time by automating many administrative processes. Many of my recent projects in the area of outpatient transformation have also helped significantly with the increase of remote working due to Covid-19.

Diversity & inclusion is very much intrinsic to my career – presently and in the future – which is why 6 months into my Apprenticeship, I supported the organisation of our first “Changing face of technology” event. Two and a half years on, I’ve taken on a lead role and the third run is well underway, and it’s bigger than ever. The event invites BAME university students to explore the wide-ranging careers in technology with the opportunity to build a valuable network with professionals through our bespoke mentorship program. It fills me with pride to say many ex-attendees of the event have gone on to join Atos or other respective tech firms.

Atos Aspirations Event is another key event I ought to mention. This initiative targets 16-18-year-old from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. Students have the chance to experience cutting-edge Atos innovation and the various routes to get into the tech sector such as Apprenticeships. I strongly believe this exposure will empower and provide young people with tangible goals to work towards.

Having successfully completed my Project Management Apprenticeship, I have moved into a Global Change & Employee Engagement role for our Healthcare and Life Science (HLS) Industry. The transition of going from a UK&I focus to a Global focus is challenging, but I adore the vast impact I can make through designing and implementing tools and creating an environment to enable all 12,000 employees in HLS to perform and feel supported.