Priyanka Gangishetty

Growing up in a small town in rural India, I never dared to imagine the possibility of ‘Me’ that exists today.

Its often people that come from the smallest of places that have the biggest of dreams. I have always loved Technology. As a young girl, Internet was magic to me and I wanted to be the magician. I have had a career in Networking and Infrastructure spanning a decade across three continents and countries- India, US and the UK. After I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science in India, I worked for the Networking Giant Cisco as a Network Engineer troubleshooting issues within the Data centres. I will always remember the first time I walked into a data centre, a maze and mesh of devices that make the internet happen. This is where my foundation in Networks and Server Infrastructure was laid.

Due to personal struggles and financial debt in the family, at 22, with 800$ that I loaned from a cousin, I took a giant leap of faith and moved to the US in pursuit of the American dream. Along with acquiring a Master’s degree in Networked Systems from University of California, Irvine, I have worked for multiple organizations of varying sizes and shapes to deliver the best Infrastructure for their IT services. Organically, I ventured into the Cloud Industry with the goal of delivering the best Cloud architecture and Customer experience. At Microsoft, I manage the customer experience on Azure for top Azure Customers.

I have had a fantastic decade and a career in this industry has given me the freedom to live life on my own terms.