I am currently the Commercial Growth Lead at Gapsquare, a pay equity analytics solution that was acquired by XpertHR (part of RELX – a data and information company). My journey has been shaped by humble beginnings and overcoming challenges. Growing up in Punjab, India, I faced discontinuity in education due to terrorist activities in the region. However, my resourceful mother ensured our education continued through home-schooling.

I did my undergraduate major in zoology and started my career as a French teacher in India due to lack of opportunities for a zoologist. It was during this time that the largest technology services firm in India (Tata Consultancy Services) sought individuals who knew French to work with a world-leading analytics firm. Eager to take on this challenge, I seized the opportunity which set me on a trajectory that would lead me to work with Flipkart, an e-commerce technology company. At Flipkart, I had the privilege of leading a team which launched and grew a low-cost washing machine specifically designed to serve lower middle-class families who otherwise may not have been able to afford one.

Seeking further growth and new experiences, I decided to migrate to the UK where I realised the need to upgrade my skills and network. Thus, I enrolled in London Business School to do my MBA. Graduating during the midst of the pandemic had its own challenges which I was able to overcome through resourcefulness and determination. I started my new role as a Leadership Development Associate with LexisNexis Risk Solutions (part of RELX).

At LexisNexis Risk Solutions, I led three notable projects working with senior leaders across the business. These included creating an operating model for an agricultural business to enable it to scale-up and spearheading the Data-as-service business transformation of a market intelligence. When Gapsquare was acquired by XpertHR, it became evident that the commercial integration and growth will require a resourceful and capable leader who can connect the dots and translate strategy into operational imperatives.

Driven by my passion for making a difference, I embraced the opportunity to lead the commercial growth of Gapsquare globally. As the commercial growth lead, I work towards creating a more equitable society, leveraging the power of data and technology to address pay equity issues globally .

In summary, my journey has been one of overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. From disruptions in my education to unexpected career paths, each experience has shaped my perspective and fuelled my drive to make a positive impact. With determination and a commitment to equity, I continue to embrace new challenges and strive for growth in the pursuit of a fairer world