I am a highly skilled professional with a background in engineering and a strong focus on technology. With extensive experience and certifications, I have established myself as a versatile engineer and an effective Scrum Master.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated exceptional work ethic, outstanding communication skills, and the ability to explain complex engineering designs and concepts to diverse audiences. Multitasking abilities and dedication to delivering high-quality results have consistently contributed to my success.

In terms of technical expertise, I have a strong command of automation tools such as Jenkins, Ansible, GIT, OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, LPT, and CDK. I am well-versed in cloud computing with a specialization in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

My experience includes working at prominent organizations such as Amazon Web Services and Boeing Defence. In my role as a Cloud Engineer and Scrum Master at Amazon Web Services, I am responsible for building new regions, developing internal dashboards, and implementing full Continuous Deployment practices. As the leader for Inclusion Ambassadors, I promote diversity and equity, organizing meetings, supporting committee leaders, and collaborating with various stakeholders.

At Boeing Defence, I served as a DevOps/Infrastructure Automation Engineer and Scrum Master. In this capacity, I worked on developing new projects, upgrading existing ones, and maintaining infrastructure. I have hands-on experience with various technologies, including RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Ansible, Jenkins, GIT, Oracle, Python, OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Zabbix, Jira, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

Prior to that, I worked as a DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer at Costain, a Unix Systems Engineer at TSYS, and an Electronics Asset Engineer at Schneider Electric. These roles involved responsibilities such as resolving incidents, managing requests and tickets, performing technical work, and providing support for critical systems and projects.

I hold an MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, achieving a merit, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications with distinction. I have received training in VLSI FPGA Design, ITIL, and have been certified as a Scrum Master (CSM). My academic projects encompassed areas like RFID, data communications, and network security.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I have a range of interests and accomplishments. I am a member of professional institutions such as the Institution of Energy and Technology (IET) and the Institution of Engineers India (IEI). I have achieved a gold medal in Mathematics and have actively participated and won prizes in various activities including quizzes, music, dance, sports, essay writing, and debates. I have also completed a significant milestone by successfully performing a solo flight on an FNPT1 Flight Simulator.

With a passion for continuous learning and expanding my technological knowledge, I regularly engage in self-learning endeavors related to web development and programming. I enjoy traveling and have explored destinations in India, Spain, the UK, Germany, France, and the USA. Additionally, I have a talent for classical singing and find enjoyment in reading novels.