Priyanshi Srivastava

Priyanshi is a full stack software engineer working for Cybersecurity and Technology Controls in JP Morgan Chase working with a diverse range of technologies that produce innovative solutions to solve complex business problems.

Throughout her academics, Priyanshi was captivated by how science and technology has changed the world we live in. Her curiosity led her to study STEM subjects in school. At the age of 18, she moved from India to the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. At university, Priyanshi spent her summer vacation as a researcher in Wireless communications systems analyzing various Wi-Fi network models to assess speed performance. She was also shortlisted to participate in the Women in Engineering Student (2014) and NUS Women Student’s (2014) conference for promoting initiatives that support women in higher education.

Priyanshi joined JP Morgan Chase in 2015 on the Technology Graduate Program. Recognizing how important is the role of technology to business, Priyanshi up-skilled herself with modern software engineering practices and learnt Java and web development.

In 2017, Priyanshi started working for firm’s cyber security team where she is developing solutions that help all lines of business deliver secure applications. Through her role, Priyanshi is aiding the firm to become an industry leading security and controls organization by accelerating technologists who develop for various lines of business.

Outside of her day job, she is also one of the regional leads for Diversity and Inclusion in her line of business as well as chairs the local Graduate Program Alumni Committee promoting initiatives that provide development platforms for mid-level technologists.