The statistics for women in tech in the UK for 2023 highlight both progress and persistent challenges in achieving gender parity within the industry.

According to the Women in Tech Survey 2023, there has been an improvement in female representation in IT, with women now accounting for around 26% of the workforce, up from 19% in 2019. This indicates a positive trend, but it also underscores the need for ongoing efforts to reach gender balance​.

Despite these strides, significant obstacles remain. A report from UK Tech News reveals that while the UK tech industry has seen some advancements in female representation and funding opportunities, there’s still a considerable way to go. For instance, startups founded by women secured a slightly larger portion of equity investments compared to the year prior, yet the total funding share for startups with only women founders was just 9% in 2022​.

TechUK’s efforts emphasise the importance of supporting women through initiatives such as returnships, flexible working, and correct language in job advertisements to attract more women to tech roles​.

Additionally, the Women in Technology Survey 2023 revealed that 79% of women acknowledge the existence of a gender pay gap in the tech sector, with women earning significantly less than their male counterparts, highlighting the necessity for measures to address this disparity.

PwC UK also underscores the critical need to close the gender gap in tech, suggesting that the industry has yet to fully embrace and benefit from gender diversity.

These findings collectively suggest that while progress has been made in increasing female representation in the UK tech industry, much work remains to be done to overcome the challenges of gender bias, discrimination and unequal funding and pay opportunities for women in tech.

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