I am Pulara Mapatuna, a data scientist with a strong background in technology and a passion for staying at the forefront of emerging advancements. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a commitment to continuous learning and have leveraged my technical expertise to develop robust and scalable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the organizations I have worked with.

My journey in the field of technology began with my first exposure to seeing the brick sized mobile phones and DOS computers during my high school years in the late 90s. These early experiences sparked my interest in programming, and I further explored technology-related applications during my university years. It was during my master’s program at Imperial College that I discovered the exciting world of machine learning and AI, which instantly captivated me and motivated me to become a skilled data scientist.

Since then, I have held significant roles in various organizations, making impactful contributions in the field of data science. As the Head of Analytics and Senior Consultant for Data Science at Dialog – Axiata Group, I led a team in building the analytics engine for a Super App that encompassed various features across different domains. This involved working closely with executives and business unit heads to promote data-driven decision-making and develop a comprehensive customer data platform that provided real-time insights and personalized recommendations.

Prior to Dialog, I served as a Senior Data Scientist at Wiley Global Technologies, where I focused on deriving market insights based on competitor sales data. Collaborating with stakeholders, I developed data-driven decision models that enhanced marketing and sales strategies, providing valuable insights and recommendations for business growth.

At PickMe, a VC-funded start-up in Sri Lanka, I led the data strategy across different business verticals, including taxi hailing, food delivery, and marketplace. Through the development of a real-time recommendations engine, predictive modelling, and optimization techniques, I improved user experience, reduced operational costs, and drove business success.

Currently, I work at the London Stock Exchange Group in Market Supervision, where I leverage my technical expertise to design and build algorithms for market abuse detection. By providing quantitative surveillance tools and generating insights into the trading environment, I contribute to maintaining a fair and transparent marketplace.

Throughout my career, my dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements has been unwavering. This commitment has allowed me to develop innovative and scalable solutions that align with the evolving needs of the organizations I have worked with. By continuously expanding my knowledge and skill set, I remain well-equipped to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of technology and data science.