Putting the M in STEM- Career Opportunities for Women in MathematicsIt may be 2016, but when it comes to a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), there’s still a gender gap to bridge.

Last year’s Labour Force Survey revealed that women make up just 14% of all people in STEM careers – and today, we’re looking at some of the most exciting career paths available to women putting the M in STEM.

As more and more young women are encouraged to take on STEM subjects in higher education and pursue a career in these lucrative specialist sectors, we’re exploring the range of diverse and rewarding career opportunities that await women aspiring to a career in fields surrounding mathematics.

Why do STEM careers matter?

Rather than being taught separately, the disciplines of STEM are incorporated into one cohesive subject, meaning a broad range of highly valuable expertise can be gained at once. A career in STEM promises a bright and exciting future for those with the passion to pursue it – and in an era of such exponential advances, employees in these areas are essential.

In an effort to meet the demand for experienced and qualified professionals in these crucial fields, employers are constantly looking for new ways to expand their workforce. With the female population being seriously underrepresented on the STEM career ladder, encouraging younger generations to explore the options available to them is vital.

Generating industry interest

With a predicted 100,000 UK STEM graduates needed each year until 2020 to meet the growing demand for experts in these fields, now’s the time to recruit the future’s specialist workforce. While there have been calls to tempt more women into STEM industries, there’s still work to be done when it comes to bringing bright new talent into these complex disciplines.

Universities are taking steps to create a sense of excitement around STEM careers – hosting workshops, summer schools and festivals in a bid to bring more young people into these industries – but if you’ve already established yourself in another sector, it’s not too late to consider a change in direction.

Careers in mathematics

Putting the M in STEM- Career Opportunities for Women in Mathematics 2If you’re interested in joining the thousands upon thousands of women leading the way in fields surrounding mathematics, there’s a diverse range of routes available to you – from studying STEM subjects as a student to enrolling on an apprenticeship or enquiring about financial training to expand your existing knowledge. Below, you’ll find just a few of the exciting opportunities that await women in the world of mathematics:

STEM graduate schemes: after dedicating years to a specific discipline, a graduate scheme can put you on the path towards your dream career
Sandwich year: this will help you prepare for life after university and give you real life experience in the role you’re looking to pursue
Teacher/lecturer: put your skills and experience to good use by teaching the next generation of STEM graduates
Quantity surveyor: requires you to utilise your skills in a hands-on role where both financial and numerical management are part of the day-to-day job
Corporate investment banker: a head for figures and the ability to confidently recommend an array of financial services is required
Researcher: if you have a desire to research, suggest and help to implement new and effective procedures, this could be the role for you

Whether you’re wondering how you can make the most of your mathematics degree or what career opportunities are available to applicants without higher education, the incredible range of innovative online courses mean it’s easier than ever before to learn lucrative new skills.

Is it time to think about reviewing your career options and take control of your future?

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