Rachael Elliot

I left school at 16 and went straight to work as an office junior, but quickly progressed to secretary.

During my first 2 years at work I realized I had missed out on attending college and understood that enhancing my skills and knowledge would aid me in developing my career; so spent the next 4 years attending night classes, successfully completing a Private and Executive Secretary’s Diploma, short hand and all 3 RSAs, which led me to becoming the PA to the National Sales Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

Here I realized my natural strengths were planning and organizing, as well as having the ability to approach and overcome hurdles in a logical way. Because of this I added to my PA role and became the onsite IT support; in the early years of dial up VPN. This gave me a taste for IT and back to college I went for a further 3 years to successfully gain a HNC in IT as well studying and passing Microsoft exams, and becoming a Master MOS.

I spent the next 12 years working for a global MSP; providing desktop support, working my way up to senior, manager and then being asked to manage both service desk and desktop. This was an exciting time and I am proud to say I was part of the 1st service desk in the UK who achieved the 5 star SDI rating.

I felt confident in my abilities, and had added excellent customer service and people management to my strengths. Wanting to test myself I moved from the secure, well established MSP to a business that was bringing their IT support in-house; this enabled me test my abilities … “would I be as successful in building something new as I was at enhancing something that was already in place?”. Members of my old team decided to move with me and as a team we designed, built and implemented a brand new IT service operation. I spent 4 years evolving this and left with my head held high knowing I had left my mark on a successful IT service provider.

Wanting to challenge myself further I moved to a global role; developing and enhancing the services provided by a MSP to worldwide airports. Using the market leading software I developed a taste for automation, and when an opportunity arose to be part of the team that brought the IT service operations in-house for the largest automobile brand in the UK, I couldn’t resist.

We are still in our first year, but the technology that the teams have brought together, and the service models and strategies designed are strong and exciting. We are firmly in CSI after delivering a secure foundation; I am looking forward to what the future will bring.