Raghd Rostom

As a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, Raghd has applied advanced computational methods to address novel biological research questions.

Raghd studied how genetic variability underpins differences between people in response to infectious disease. She also investigated pre-cancerous mutations in skin samples from healthy individuals. Both projects used large complex datasets arising from the profiling of individual cells to deepen our understanding of fundamental biological processes.
Alongside her graduate studies, Raghd developed a passion for the translation and commercialisation of research in the sciences. In 2017, she co-founded OpenDiagnostics, a social venture aiming to improve access to low-cost paper-based diagnostics for crop and livestock diseases globally. Raghd has attended and mentored at several hackathons, been a member of many smaller initiatives such as EnterpriseWISE (Women in Science and Engineering), and has mentored at the Cambridge Judge Business School. She has also undertaken a wide range of outreach activities, engaging school students and the public with scientific and technological concepts in hands-on ways.