Rajinder Kaur

Rajinder is a UI Engineer at Direct Line Group and a STEM Ambassador.

Rajinder has got BSc in Computing and IT (First class Honours) with the Open University and a coding bootcamp with Northcoders post her graduation to acquire the skills and experience required to pursue her career as a software engineer.

Outside her work, Rajinder focuses her efforts on closing the diversity gap in the tech industry and encourages young people from all backgrounds to consider a career in tech. She has got involved in various activities like doing career talks at schools, mentoring young people on Brightside, and volunteering for STEM events. Rajinder is also a role model for Technocamps.

Rajinder firmly believes in inclusive diversity and endeavours to raise awareness through various channels. Her voluntary role as one of the BAME Ambassadors at Direct Line Group helps her to contribute towards various programmes internally and externally.