Growing up as a Gen Z, Raman experienced a blended offline and online world.

She briefly saw a world before smartphones which was slowly then taken over by the rise of social media, game consoles and computer gadgets. Raman’s journey across the technology industry has been inspired by her understanding of human behaviour and technology through her Gen-Z upbringing, Philosophy degree (University of York and University of Hong Kong) and her role in representing the UK advertising industry at the Roger Hatchuel Academy at Cannes Lions and Google Creative Campus in Silicon Valley, California.

Raman joined PwC’s Consulting graduate scheme and, in her first year, won the Rising Star Award and Building Purpose Award and was shortlisted for the Spotlight Award: Beyond Change for her contributions to driving inclusive digital transformation across PwC. Raman has created a legacy of upskilling people and clients on digital technology at a time where delivery would have been virtually impossible. She also helped scale 50+ social enterprises during COVID-19, as a Design Thinking expert at PwC’s Design Thinking for Good volunteering initiative, by delivering immersive workshops to help turn ideas into sustainable and scalable ventures.

Currently, Raman is a Product Manager at PwC UK where she is developing Perform Plus, PwC’s digital flagship product, to help build world-class huddles to improve team productivity using her human-centred design skillset. Raman’s passion to build and solve society’s problems inclusively with others led her to join the Athena Hackathon 2022 where her team won the ‘’Empowering Diverse Founders and Start-ups’’ category for building a new solution to help founders connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. She also mentors other female and non-binary hackers on how to excel at hackathons.