Ramona O'Dwyer-Stock

Graduating in Biological Sciences from the University of Birmingham, Ideveloped an early affinity for turning data into knowledge with real-world applications, long before Iever considered a career in tech.

Since then, witnessing how data, now one of the world’s most powerful commodities, has shaped society and determined world events in recent years has cemented my interest in the field.

At Cognizant, my “non-technical” background allows me to engage effectively with clients, quickly becoming a trusted face of technical teams who understands client needs and can communicate in their own terms. Since working at Cognizant, I have helped two industry-leading clients create new reporting tools, allowing them previously hidden insight into their customers and operations.

With the ever more powerful role that tech companies play in society comes a growing responsibility for them to share their knowledge and capabilities. As a member of Cognizant’s CSR programme Outreach, I have helped design and deliver social media training to the Thomas Pocklington Trust, and am currently working alongside the CSR Director on a new digital enablement programme for refugee and migrant women.

I also recognise the urgent need for better representation within the industry to ensure the technologies which increasingly govern our lives don’t reinforce existing disparities. She is an active member of Diversity and Inclusion networks including a client-based Women Empowered group and newly formed Let’s Talk About Race.