Rebecca Bastin

I have always loved technology, from the first time I got my hands on a set of motorised Meccano.

However, I have had an unusual journey before arriving at my current role of Technical Project Manager at Refinitiv. A lifelong love of science led me to choose a degree in Zoology, after which I went on to study a research Masters. My research focus was Evolutionary Biology; and it was during this speciality where I became a believer in the power of change. Evolution is, by definition, success through change, and change has become a theme in my career, and a mantra by which I try to live personally and professionally.

Being a scientist by trade, I always worked with technology; using advanced microscopy and imaging equipment to carry out experiments, and the statistical programming language R and image analysis, to test my theories. After a few years in academia, and a short stint cover-teaching secondary science, I made a significant change, and began front-line nursing on a busy cardiology ward in a Nottingham hospital. There, I learned many of the skills that are crucial to being a successful leader; but also discovered how much I thrive when working with people. In the hospital I got to see another fascinating side of cutting-edge tech; for example, an “Octopus” device used to stabilise the heart with suction, during open heart surgery.

I have carried my love of science and technology with me; and just over a year ago I decided to take the leap and move into the tech sector. Working every day with people was an absolute must for me, but I also wanted a role which immersed me in technology. It was at this point, I applied for the Technology Project Management graduate scheme at Refinitiv. A short year later, I am a technical project manager at a Fintech company. My first year in technology has flown by; and my journey has been exhilarating and engaging and left me with a real appetite for progression in this stimulating and rewarding industry.