TCG Virtual CodeGen Developer challenge

Trusted Computing Group is proud to announce our first ever TCG Virtual CodeGen Developer Challenge!

This week long event will ask developers to create a functional prototype built off a TCG standard. The challenge will provide an opportunity for brilliant talents to create their works with the help of TCG mentors, who will be virtually available throughout the event, while also experiencing the unforgettable thrill of coming together with peers who share the same passion for digital technology and innovation.

The theme of the challenge will be “Pervasive Security and Application of TCG standards in SW and HW development”. Participants will have the opportunity to create solutions that can make an impact for the security community as well as SW and HW developers seeking to integrate security into their platforms. The challenge is open to both teams and individuals, and whoever impress the judges most will be awarded. The event will be free and open to non-members as well as individuals from TCG member companies who have not had an active member login to the TCG technical Work Groups.

Registration deadline: Monday, October 11, 2021
The CodeGen Developer Challenge will run from October 18October 22, 2021.
All questions can be directed to [email protected].