FemTech Untapped, Women of Wearables

FemTech Untapped is an online program and a global movement tapping into areas of women’s health that have long been underserved, underresearched, and underfunded.

In 2022, we will be covering a wide range of topics with a goal to educate and destigmatize areas of FemTech that still remain “untapped”.

Join us every month for a series of events where we will cover topics from diversity and inclusion in the femtech space, to menstrual health and sextech, to mental and cardiovascular health for women and underrepresented audiences and groups in the healthcare space. Together, we can all work towards FemTech being more accessible and inclusive.

Creating accessible and inclusive solutions for the future of healthcare

Everyone has the right to healthcare. Healthcare that meets and takes into account each individual patient’s needs. How can tech innovations help change healthcare’s “one-size-fits-all” approach to a person-centered approach?

From serving the LGBTQ+ community, young people, safe abortion care, to a personalized approach to hormonal health, join us to meet and hear from startup founders and industry leaders building the next generation of innovative products and services in the health tech space.

One Tech World Virtual Conference 2022

01 APRIL 2022

Book your place now to what is becoming the largest virtual conference for women in technology in 2022