Tech Talent Charter

The Tech Talent Charter (TTC) will stage our next inclusion and diversity (I&D) hackathon in June. This hackathon will focus on actions specific to start-up and scale-up companies.

The hackathon, sponsored by Spinks, kicks off on 29th June when four groups of inclusion and diversity subject matter experts will collaborate to build new products for our Open Playbook.

Timing: running over one month, the hackathon kicks off on Tuesday 29th June and concludes on Thursday 29th July 2021.

Participants for each team will be experts on specific topic I&D areas and will work in small, virtual teams of 5 or 6, led by a team leader to deliver a new employer product for the Open Playbook to be judged by an expert panel.

Host: Tech Talent Charter Event sponsors: Spinks

Who is this hackathon for?

We are looking to recruit subject matter experts to contribute their expertise and develop the TTC’s Open Playbook, our open-source resource for all employers. The TTC is specifically seeking people who have strong inclusion and diversity (I&D) knowledge and experience of at least one of the following areas specifically related to startup or scale-up environments:

  • Cultivating an inclusive culture
  • Reward and retention
  • Hiring diverse tech talent: accessing all of the talent pool (ie. attraction strategies, job advertisements, pathways offered etc)
  • Hiring diverse tech talent: assessing talent (shortlisting and selection methods, alternatives to interviews, hiring managers etc)

As spaces are limited, we request that participants please provide evidence of having the necessary expertise of one of the above subject areas.

What’s in it for you?

Participants will have an opportunity to connect and learn from subject matter experts at other organisations; deepen their understanding of the topic area and what other organisations are doing in this space; participate in creative co-design sessions and support the TTC by developing our Open Playbook.

All team members and the winning team will be credited on social media channels. Additionally, all participants will be invited to add their TTC expertise to LinkedIn.

The mission

There will be 4 teams. Each team will create one employer product that is designed specifically for use within a startup and/or scale-up company and the focus for each team will be:

  1. Team 1: How to cultivate an inclusive culture
  2. Team 2: How to reward and retain talent
  3. Team 3: How to access all of the available tech talent
  4. Team 4: How to assess talent

Each team’s mission will be to produce a ‘roadmap’ – this should be a high-level menu of the most important actions organisations should consider with respect to the specific topic. The goal is to “join the dots”, i.e. to signpost great resources. What we don’t ask for is an exhaustive list of all actions employers of tech could do. For teams that would like it, the TTC will provide a list of recommended resources already in the Open Playbook on the topic (by no means exhaustive). If not, the team can choose to start with a blank sheet.

Examples of products from previous TTC hackathons can be found on the Hackathon page on the TTC website and all products live in our Open Playbook.

Hackathon timing and key dates

Each team’s specific meeting dates/times will be confirmed once participants are in teams (meetings will be set up by team leaders). The below dates and6 times are confirmed at the outset:

  • 10.00, Tuesday 29th June: hackathon begins with a briefing led by TTC followed by 30 mins with your team
  • 29th June – 26th July: Teams work together to create their ‘product’ (the roadmap)
  • 17.00, Monday 26th July: Strict deadline to submit product
  • 15.00, Thursday 29th July*: Feedback session with judges

*Feedback session: This session is when judges will provide their feedback and where teams will provide a very high-level overview of the key elements of their roadmap.


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