CodeOp D3.js eventCodeOp is an international tech school founded and led by women who are on a mission to diversify tech. We’re headquartered in Barcelona, operate globally through our remote programs, and have in-person campuses in Spain and Malaysia.

About the workshop:

D3 is a popular JavaScript library with a focus on data visualization and SVG manipulation driven by data (hence the name, Data-Driven Documents, or DDD, or D3).

In this hands-on workshop we will cover the basics of D3 for drawing SVG elements and data binding, working with scales and colours, drawing axis and creating visual animations/transitions when data changes. Code along and learn by doing!

Prerequisites: Ideally some basic knowledge of HTML, SVG, CSS, and JS. If you’re not familiar with these languages – don’t worry, just read the document step by step and follow the instructions!

About the Instructor:

This session will be lead by CodeOp’s very own Full Stack Instructor, Germinal Camps, who has 12+ years of experience working as a Full Stack Web Developer and building data visualization dashboards.

Date & Time:

3rd February, 6.30 – 8pm


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