Unlock the transformative power of AI to make your parenting journey smoother and more joyful with Everyday AI for the Modern Mama.

This book is designed for you—the modern mom seeking smart, effective ways to juggle the complexities of family life. It promises to turn intimidating tech concepts into your new best friends, helping you to become a more efficient, confident, and tech-savvy parent. Through practical tips and relatable advice, you’ll learn how to harness AI for everything from managing household tasks to supporting your child’s education, all while reclaiming precious time for what matters most.

“Finally, a book that gets it! ‘Everyday AI for the Modern Mama’ turned my chaotic life into a streamlined dream. My kids think I’m a wizard now!” – Alexa, the Digital Assistant

“As an algorithm, I thought I knew efficiency. This book showed me I was just scratching the surface. A must-read for every parent out there!” – Siri, the Phone Guru

Sue Dunham, author of the “Everyday AI” series, is a former software engineer and current full-time mom. She has worked in the software industry for over a decade, holding roles as a principal software engineer and technical director. With a lifelong interest in computing, she has always been passionate about helping others learn and enjoy using new technologies like AI. Her writing turns complex tech concepts into actionable advice, aiming to make AI accessible and beneficial for everyone.

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