Everyone Is a Potential Victim – But You Don’t Have to Feel Helpless Against Cyber Attacks

New Book from Bestselling Author Dr Jessica Barker

Why This Book Matters:

  • New book demystifies everything from AI-Voiced Spoofing Calls and Ransomware Attacks to False Job Adverts and Romance Fraud.
  • Written by Dr Jessica Barker, an award-winning leader in the human side of cyber security – she has delivered keynotes on cyber security at NATO, the World Government Summit and RSA San Francisco.
  • Reveals the fascinating stories behind the world’s biggest cyber attacks –including how AI faked a kidnapping and how a deep-fake call impersonating the boss of a Japanese business almost lost them $35 million.
  • Over the last year 75% of security professionals have observed an increase in cyber attacks – with 85% of them attributing the increase to the use of generative AI. (CFO)
  • Media-friendly, jargon-free cyber security expert who is regularly interviewed on BBC, Sky News, Wired…
  • The author was awarded an MBE for services to cyber security by King Charles III in his first Birthday Honours in 2023.

Cyber attacks are preventable. Everyone is a potential victim, but the new book Hacked means we don’t have to be helpless against these threats.

Hacked offers the knowledge and strategies you need to protect yourself against cyber attacks. Cyber criminals are weaponising cutting-edge tactics and technologies to target individuals and organisations. Cybersecurity expert Jessica Barker uncovers how and shows how you can safeguard yourself against any potential attacks and react if you do become a target.

Jessica offers a jargon-free explanation of the core threats that impact us all online. Written to empower readers to be safe online, it unpicks the reality of cyber crime that we see hitting the headlines. It’s packed with practical tips and advice – from securing yourself with a password manager, to what to do if cyber criminals take over your online accounts. Cyber criminals are deploying AI to evolve spoofing and phishing attacks with devastating effects but through understanding this evolution we can protect ourselves.

The book also shares the gripping real-life stories behind cyber attacks around the world, including:

  • The AI spoofed phone call used to stage a fake kidnapping.
  • The romance scammers preying on widows by pretending to be high-ranking generals.
  • How the Mirai malware almost took down the internet.
  • The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack which pushed fuel prices to a six-year high – prompting an apology from the cybercrime group whose goal was “to make money, not creating problems for society”.
  • The Love-Letter-For-You.TXT file whose tempting proclamation led it to spread globally in two hours.
  • An interview with an ex-fraudster who was sentenced to seven years in jail after stealing millions of pounds from UK businesses via cyber fraud

With each story, Barker reveals how the attacks work – and how you can avoid being a victim of a similar scam. The stories also feature expert insights from world-leading cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers – sharing their expertise so these attacks can be avoided in the future.

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