Book cover - Digital Nomad

You don’t need to sacrifice your career to travel the world. Join the 35 million digital nomads who are living, working and exploring to the fullest.

With this book, discover the incredible opportunities of digital nomadism and learn how you can travel the world while also sustaining a successful work-life. How to Be a Digital Nomad: Build a Successful Career While Travelling the World gives you everything you need to build a successful career on your terms.

This book is both a practical guide and an insightful exploration of this unique lifestyle. It includes interviews with a diverse range of remote workers, telling stories that span five decades of digital nomadism, and highlights the unique opportunities this lifestyle offers you and your career. Whether you’re looking for a few months away, a working gap year or an entirely new lifestyle, this book will show you how you can take control of your career while travelling the world.

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