Are you a female engineer or a manager of female engineers?

Are you working hard but not getting ahead? Do you feel you aren’t getting the recognition you deserve? Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to penetrate the “boys network” at work?

Are you searching for a practical career guide that goes beyond social commentary on gender issues in engineering? One written by a female engineer that has been in the trenches just like you? A guide with tactics that actually work if you aren’t the boss? One that will give you immediate results?

Then She Engineers was written for you.

Imagine a life where YOU choose your own career path. You love what you do. You are an influencer, a go-to person at your company and in your field. You aren’t working ridiculous hours. You have a life outside of work. You may even have a couple of young children if you so choose, while still enjoying a well-paying, impactful career in engineering.

Sound like a pipe dream?

It’s not. This book will show you how.

As a fifteen-year engineering industry veteran and mom of 3, Stephanie Slocum uses a conversational and down-to-earth approach to teach you how to succeed as a female engineer:

  • How to determine your strengths and use them for maximum influence.
  • How to find your expert niche and use it to create the career (and life!) you deserve.
  • Why the well-meaning career advice given to male engineers backfires for women, and how you can avoid those traps.
  • How to have a career you love without sacrificing all your waking hours.
  • How to neutralise gender bias while maximizing your earning potential.
  • The one thing you must do to elevate your career to the next level.

Each chapter concludes with actions you can do in 30 minutes or less for immediate results. As a female engineer herself, she knows first-hand the value of your time and has packed her years of experience, stories, and lessons learned into one concise, easy-to-read resource for other female engineers.

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