Tech for Good book cover by MargaImagine Solving the World’s Greatest Challenges

Technologically enabled solutions will play a major role in creating positive change and delivering the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – from creating accountability for sustainable products through blockchain to deploying AR to help train doctors across the globe. But to deliver this future we must be able to rapidly deploy technologically enabled solutions at scale, and we must be able to rebuild society’s trust in the application technology for good.

Marga HoekMarga Hoek’s new book Tech for Good reveals how the investment and adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies has the potential to solve or reverse the most urgent societal challenges, including climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, and poverty. It presents a unique perspective on how businesses can successfully apply advanced technologies in a purpose-driven manner while unlocking new markets for growth.

This inspiring book unfolds a compelling narrative about how businesses are synergizing technology and sustainability. Tech For Good is a timely look at how technology combined with purpose can be a formidable force for positive global change. Tech For Good serves as an inspirational call to action for innovators, business leaders, and anyone committed to leveraging technology’s potential for a better world.

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