In this groundbreaking book, ‘What is a Social Impact?’, social development specialist Ildiko Almasi Simsic presents a comprehensive exploration of social impacts in the context of sustainability, environmental, social and governance (ESG), social impact assessment, corporate social responsibility (CSR), impact investing, philanthropy, social enterprise, and other social impact products.

Drawing from her impressive global career as a social performance practitioner, Ildiko evaluates and dissects the social impacts created by each social impact product, providing a pragmatic and insightful view of their descriptions, limitations, and real-world examples.

The tone of this compelling narrative is one of inquiry and curiosity, stimulating critical thinking and sparking engaging discussions. Challenge your perspectives and embrace novel approaches as you navigate through the intricacies of social impact creation and implementation.

Empowered by the insights within these pages, you will become an agent of positive change, harnessing the potential of social impacts to shape a brighter future.
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