Ree is a proud trans woman who has 16 years of client-facing experience in ERP, SaaS, workplace consulting and digital transformation.

During her first ten years as an ERP consultant, she helped more than 20 organisations successfully increase efficiencies, boost throughput, and reduce costs with her tech-oriented mindset and outstanding consultation skills. Her most recent role with Gallup as a Senior Solutions Consultant gave Ree opportunities to transform organisations by analytics and advice using Gallup’s flagship technology, Gallup Access, and help organisations drive performance and create an exceptional culture. Ree’s most outstanding achievement was She ranked among the top20 consultants globally who had an excellent performance in developing global revenue generation strategies for Gallup in 2018. Ree also received the Gallup all-stars awards in 2017 for the outstanding business development and 2018 for exceptional mentoring and coaching performance.