Boom! You’re back

Return to work when you’re ready, at any time throughout the year, and receive the training and support to help re-launch your career.

Deloitte help you rebuild your career in a way that works for you.

Perhaps you’ve been exploring the world, spending time with your family, or just needed some time out. Whatever the reason, if you’re returning from an extended career break of two years or more, Deloitte’s Return to Work supported hiring opportunities could be right for you.

Transitional support to help you get up to speed

Deloitte’s Return to Work supported hiring opportunities are open to anyone who’s taken an extended career break, typically for two years or more. You’ll be given the support to refresh your knowledge and skills and boost your professional confidence. And they are open to exploring agile/flexible working arrangements.

Whatever you’ve been up to, Deloitte know it will have enriched who you are and what you can offer our clients and their business. This is about giving you the time and support you need to readjust and redevelop your skills.

In addition to their comprehensive firm-wide induction, you’ll have access to technical skills training, tailored coaching sessions, our returner network, and a range of bespoke learning materials.

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Deloitte are delighted to offer a number of our roles as Return to Work supported hiring opportunities.