Roisin Connolly

I am a business designer and innovation consultant with deep expertise and focus on digital projects across multiple industries. My work mainly is on taking new products or services to market. I started my career at Accenture on their management consulting graduate scheme in 2012. I instantly took an early interest in design thinking and how it could be used in the corporate world to ideate and take new products or services for customer problems. I saw a distinct gap in the market for this where companies traditionally have focused on creating a new service due to a business need. This was quite radical back then but now has slowly started to appear more and more in big companies project processes.

I have significant expertise in leading Design Thinking work and generating user-centric solutions across multiple industries. During my 5 years here I have worked across a whole range of industries from banking, FMCG, oil & gas, government and retail. The diversity of my work is what I love and being able to work with new emerging technologies and coming up with new use cases for them.

My work with technology always focuses on what the consumer need/problem is and how we can find a technology that solves that rather than starting with technology and finding some use case to match it.