Roisin Cowans

As a dyspraxic woman, Roisin often struggles with languages and yet loves to learn them.

She started university aiming to complete a degree in Spanish and by chance, started in beginners computing course. Realising that she could combine a love of languages with problem solving, she switched to Computing Science and hasn’t left since! As an older student, Roisin chose to help as an assistant for the same beginners course she started on. She realised that she enjoyed helping people learn new skills and experience that same ‘click’ moment.

Once graduated, she moved from a Java based startup to Tesco Bank, spending 5 years developing an android app with a large team on multiple features whilst meeting tight deadlines, mentoring codebase graduates and championing accessibility in mobile apps.
Currently working on the Scottish Widows app for Lloyds Banking, Roisin continues to champion for accessibility in mobile apps and is looking forward to mentoring people from the auticon platform.