Rosalie Dowding

Full disclosure, I have a totally non-technical background. Technology wasn’t even mentioned in my rural school, let alone #girlsthatcode! The closest was a maths A level but ultimately I was humanities and arts focussed.

Whilst applying for graduate jobs, the Post Office grad scheme stood out for its generalist rotations and fascinating role as the front office of government and heart of many communities. This took me through products roles in Personal Banking, then Insurance, finally landing in Digital Identity where I fell into technology. The key thread between all three was identifying opportunities to improve the experience of users, taking a holistic view beyond that product.

Digital identity is where I’ve stayed, because it’s a fascinating technical and social puzzle. Arguably the technology is not the barrier to wide adoption of digital identity, but today there aren’t solutions that really meet the needs of both citizens and businesses. Now I work on building solutions that work for humans and promoting the fantastic work of other women through interviewing them for Women in Identity.