Rosalie Marshall

For the last five years I have been working in government technology.

During this time I have focussed on how we can use technology to make government delivery more effective.

To try and make government tech products easier to consume, I grew the technical writing community in government and with their help, brought standards to documentation (releasing them on GOV.UK), and guidance to the Cloud First policy. Cooperating with departments, I was responsible for the Government API Standards to try to encourage more interoperability and efficiencies when data is being shared. I have also been responsible for the launch of the Government API Catalogue and data exchange standards.

An interest of mine while working in government has been working on technology job descriptions to try and make them gender neutral to attract more women to the sector.

Prior to joining government, I was a technology journalist, reporting on a lot of government failure from trying to implement large-scale IT products. When GDS was founded and shone the light on areas like agile, micro services, APIs and shorter-term supplier contracts, I was incentivised to join government to try and make things better.